Able Godshark Help Abbie Maley Practice For Her Date


Abbie Maley, Able Godshark


Abbie Maley and Able Godshark are hanging out and chatting about her upcoming date tonight she's trying to get ready for. She goes to her room to dress for the date and Able is feeling restless. He had to go and have a sneak peak. He watches her change. She comes out and shows him her short shorts but he says it looks like she is really trying to impress this guy. She goes and changes again. She then comes out in a cute summer dress and he says that it's cute but seems uncertain. He then makes her move the skirt up so he can see what underwear she wears. He tells her she should put on a G string and just really go out there and show off her great ass. She puts on another dress and comes to show him again. She pulls her skirt up and turns around to show him the G string. He approves. But it looks like he liked it a little too much! Able is a very good friend, so he does everything he can to help her prepare. They had an in-depth practice for her date tonight. Abbie started touching herself and then Able joins in to help her. He pulls out his cock and tells her to come closer and show him what else she is good at. She starts blowing him. She occasionally smacks her booty while she does it. He then turns her around, bends her over the coffee table and starts fucking her in doggy style. Then they move back to the couch, she sits on him and starts riding and wilding! When he was about to burst, she got up and knelt down and started sucking his cock again. He gives her a nice facial and then she has to go to her date.


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