BBC Action With Abbie Maley


Abbie Maley is craving something different today; she wants to have her guts rearranged by a big black cock, and Jax Slayher is here to make her wish come true. First, he makes her slobber all over his massive cock, and then he starts fucking her from behind, pulling her hair and smashing her hard. Afterward, he throws her on her back so he can fuck her even harder. While he's going at it, he starts choking her, so she knows who's the boss. Now, Jax grabs her by her hair and drags Abbie to the shower, where he proceeds to fuck her from all sides, which is made easier now that she is all wet. Since she is all clean now, Jax even eats Abbie's pussy and ass with some pop rocks for flavor. After he's done, he makes Abbie return the favor by eating his ass while jerking him off. To finish Abbie off, he fucks her some more and then blows his load down her throat.


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