Abbie Maley and Alix Lynx: Tongue Fuck My Pussy

Abbie Maley is a fit slut who loves to fuck. This petite amateur started by applying to fuck porn star James Deen on his site. She quickly rose to the top of the porno food chain. One of the hottest and most popular girls online today. Her bff Riley Reid and her fucked their way through the USA. Abbie Maley made a point to document as much of her sexual exploits for her onlyfans account and private snapchat. This sexy instagram model loves to get totally nude and have sex on camera. The fitness slut can't get enough cock. The only thing Abbie Maley loves more than a big dick inside her, is to show off how good she can take it for all her fans.

Gorgeous brunette, Abbie Maley, invites her beautiful blonde girlfriend, Alix Lynx, to spend some fun time with her. Abbie is wearing see-through one-piece lingerie while Alix is in black lingerie with matching black thigh-high boots. The stunning ladies start to feel wet and horny while looking at each other. They can't help but play with their pussy as they lock eyes with each other. Not able to resist the temptation any longer, Alix lunges towards Abby to give her a deep and passionate kiss. Their tongues are engaged in an intense sword fight with either of them backing out. Abbie takes a quick taste of Alix' huge tits before offering her tight pussy to her. The beautiful blonde goes down and eats out her friend's pussy without any hesitation. She uses her lips to tease Abbie's sweet pearl while her naughty tongue explores every nook and crannies of the beautiful brunette's cunt. Abbie returns the pleasure by doing the same thing to Alix. Abbie gets on top of Alix and sits on her face. The ladies lick each other's sweet hole at the same time. Moans of delight fill the room as Abbie and Alix can't stop cumming over and over again. Cumming once or twice is not enough for these horny girls. They want to enjoy their time together, so they continue to eat each other out. Abbie and Alix then sit side-by-side with their legs up in the air. They simultaneously rub each other's wet pussy while looking at each other's eyes. The horny sluts can't help but twitch in pure erotic delight as they cum again. A tired expression paints their face as they try hard to catch their breath. The intense multiple orgasms left them exhausted and tired. However, despite their fatigue, the girls have a satisfied and pleased smile on their faces.


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